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Long overdue, but here's our spotlight on Jenn - the first recruit of the Rebel Powerlifting Team!


  • Tell us about yourself, athletic background, where ya from, whatcha do:
    • I have always been naturally athletic but, unfortunately, I didn’t start exercising until I was 19-20 and saw a picture of myself. I honestly have no idea how much I weighed but I know I did NOT like the way I looked. I didn’t have any money to join a gym (and wouldn’t have known what to do anyway) so I strapped on a pair of tennis shoes and started running. I saw results almost immediately. I was on hiatus from college at this time because I was unsure of what I wanted to do but as I saw my body begin to transform. I knew I wanted to learn more about the science behind weight loss and exercise. After receiving my Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology, I started personal training and continued to do so while I pursued my Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Shortly after I received my Masters, I accepted a job with a medical device company that allows me the opportunity to travel the country. 
  • What got you into Pride Conditioning/powerlifting:
    • The first few traveling for work, I was still very much into running. I trained for a few half marathons and a full marathon without any problems but running began to feel like a chore when I was on the road. I could easily find excuses to skip the gym or cut my run short. About this time, there was a note on the board at Pride: “Lindsay - Powerlifting competition August. Let Doug or Lindsay know if you’re interested”. I asked Doug how reasonable he thought it would be for me to train as a powerlifter with my schedule. After learning more about it, I figured what the hell. If it doesn’t work, I can always go back to running. 
  • Favorite part of training:
    • The team! And competitions. 
  • Favorite lift:
    • Squat
  • Proudest moment:
    • pulling 347 on my last deadlift last year
  • Goals for 2019:
    • 300 squat. Would be nice to hit a 200 bench but I’m not holding my breath 😉
  • Advice for people looking to get into powerlifting or the gym:
    • Go for it. Don’t compare yourself or your numbers to anyone else. For the most part, this is a great, all inclusive community who is happy to see everyone succeed 
  • We know body image is important as a women, what advice do you have for other women who are unsure of getting involved in powerlifting or lifting in general:
    • Lifting weights does NOT make you big. What it will do for you is give you a confidence and strength (both inner and outer) that you never knew existed!



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