Lindsay Seamans


Instagram @lindsayfights

Lindsay is the coach and founding member of Rebel Powerlifting. After years of Muay Thai fighting, Lindsay switched to kettlebell sport and competed for two years until shoulder surgery left her unable to push weight overhead. Lindsay began lifting heavy and decided to compete in powerlifting and has loved it ever since!

Current PR's at 114lb/52kg class:

  • Squat - 236.7lbs/107.5kg
  • Bench - 121bs/55kg
  • Deadlift - 281lbs/127.5kg
  • Total - 634lbs/287.5kg


  • Elite status in "365 Powerlifting" 52kg weight class - total, squat and deadlift
  • 365 Strong Record Holder for Deadlift and Total in 114lbs class
  • North Carolina State Record Holder for WNPF Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total in 114lbs class

Jenn Broome

Instagram @jennilifts

The second member of Rebel Powerlifting, Jenn comes from a strength and running background. After being a personal trainer for almost 10 years, running several marathons, Jenn switched sports, joined the Rebellion and loves powerlifting! Dedicating the last year to powerlifting, Jenn's progress has been amazing!

Current PR's:

  • Squat - 303lbs
  • Bench - 165lbs
  • Deadlift - 347lbs
  • Total: 787lbs


  • 365 Strong Record holder for Deadlift in 165lbs class
  • 365 Strong Second Ranked lifter at 165lbs class
  • USPA NC State Record Holder for Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total in 165lbs class

Steve DiPaola

Instagram @steviedpol44

The third member of Rebel Powerlifting, Steve! Steve is Jenn's better half! Not only is Steve making huge strength gains, he's also the most supportive and motivating team member! A constant student, Steve is also soaking up knowledge wherever and whenever he can. Steve's second meet was 9/22/18, and went 9/9!

Current PR's:

  • Squat - 374
  • Bench - 215
  • Deadlift - 374
  • Total: 964lbs


  • 365 Strong 5th Ranked 220lbs Master Class Lifter

Tara Peele

Instagram @taralupe

The fifth member of Rebel Powerlifting, Tara!

Tara...what can we say about Tara?! She's a machine, and super consistent! She's gone 9/9 in all of her meets so far. How awesome is that?

Current PR's:

  • Squat - 297lbs
  • Bench - 160lbs
  • Deadlift - 352lbs
  • Total: 788bs


  • 365 Strong Masters (M1) Record Holder for Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total

Kris Lewis

Instagram @realizedgainz

Kris keeps getting better and better! Three meets down and he's already added 200lbs to his total. We are incredibly excited to watch him grow as a lifter!

  • Squat: 479lbs
  • Bench: 265lbs
  • Deadlift: 512lbs
  • Total: 1256lbs


Jason Schneider

Instagram @beardyspiceclt

Jason's been with us at Pride Conditioning for several years, and made the switch to powerlifting late in 2018! He's already a strong bencher, and is quickly picking up the other lifts!

  • Squat: 308lbs
  • Bench: 308lbs
  • Deadlift: 375lbs
  • Total: 992lbs

Katie Sutton


Katie recently competed in her first powerlifting meet in Greenville, SC, on February 10th! She went 8/9, and getting some great PRs! Katie's next role will be as mom as she's expecting her first baby!

  • Squat: 225
  • Bench: 110
  • Deadlift: 255
  • Total: 590lbs


  • North Carolina State Record Holder for WNPF Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total in Novice 148lbs class

Katie Clay "KClay"

Instagram @beautflangl

KClay's first meet was July 14th! She set PRs across the board and earned a lot of admiration from the WNPF staff and judges with her performance!

  • Squat: 265lbs
  • Bench: 135lbs
  • Deadlift: 300lbs
  • Total: 700lbs


  • North Carolina State Record Holder for WNPF Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total


Doug Seamans

Instagram @dougseamans

As team competition "handler" Doug makes sure all lifters have what they need for competition for their food and water, and makes sure they all have their equipment in order. He is also responsible for keeping track of warm-ups, competition lift numbers, and spotting on lifts. Doug is the head coach and owner of our home gym, Pride Conditioning, he can lift but he is not a powerlifter, Doug is a professional kettlebell sport athlete, so Doug just helps out the Rebel team with lifting cues, spotting and makes sure the team is happy and healthy!